Arnold recently said, a beautiful bodybuilder is one with an athletic build, not a man jacked up on everything he can lay his hands on, with his stomach all bulging and fat looking. Now the bros in this video might not be the biggest you’ll ever see, but aesthetic wise you’ll struggle to find any better.

What’s more badass than barefoot waterskiing? Barefoot waterskiing behind a plane in crocodile infested water. No we’re just kidding, there’s no crocodiles, but that would’ve been awesome.

Candito is one of our favorite gym bros and the first bro we’ll be featuring on our Youtube Gym Celeb page. If you don’t know who Candito is, here’s his latest video of him competing at The Arnold.

Save The Bros Organically

Organic Valley might not be sponsoring us yet, but their recent ad for Organic Fuel got our local bro pack so pumped we unanimously decided they deserve some free airtime on our pumping epic blog