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10 Of The Craziest Sh*t Seen at The Gym

Gym FoolTaking a note from our 10 Favorite Gym Bros post, we’re again saving valuable gain time by putting together a top ten list from a reddit discussion. This one looks at ten of the craziest sh*t redditors saw at the gym.

1. Flipping Bar

Dude was talking to a girl while he unloaded a bench press bar, and wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing.

Unloaded one side of the bar, and the bar flipped over and slammed into the chest of the guy on the bench next to him. That guy dropped his bar onto his own chest as well.

This was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

The dude’s ribs were smashed. The screaming was unlike anything I’ve ever heard in my life, and this was 22 years ago, but I can still hear that screaming when I think about it.

The dude had blood in his lungs and was coughing it up, and it was all over his mouth and face. They took him away in an ambulance, most likely directly into surgery and I imagine the ICU. It was bad, bad, bad.

2. Broken Sternum Like a Boss

Saw a guy drop 315 on his chest using a suicide grip and it literally bounced off his chest. He got like a boss and unloaded and re-racked the weights and drove himself to the hospital. Broken sternum.

3. Volcano Squat

Saw a guy who was pretty big, obviously knew what he was doing go for his 1 rep max on squat… He must have been sick or ate something bad cause as soon as he started to push up, KaPOW he shit himself like a volcano erupting. Whole gym stunk, everyone had to leave so they could clean.

4. Platform Backflips

I saw an approximately 5’8″, 160lb guy supersetting around 380 back squat triples with backflips on the platform. No joke – three squats, rack it, back up and backflip about 5-6 times, then rest.

5. Lots of Dudes With Boners

I was working out at lifetime fitness and no joke saw the intro to a porno being filled. You know the part of the porn were all of her clothes are on but her clothes don’t consist of being very covering. Also there was one guy with a camera and one guy with a portable light following her around as she made sexual positions on the squat rack. The gym was running as normal. Except a lot of dudes with boners. Craziest thing I have seen.

6. Sir Jacked-Alot

My lifting buddy and I were waiting for the squat rack when this jacked guy walks in. He is short, well under six foot, and is MASSIVE. The definition in his arms was unbelievable, like Internet ad junk (GET JACKED NOW.) This guy jumps in front of us for the squat rack, loads up what seemed to be every 45lbs weigh in the gym and starts hyping himself up. Dancing around, high knees, grunting, everything you could imagine. He kisses his fingertips, looks to the sky, and arches his arms around his body in what I assume was an exaltation and dedication of this lift to Jesus. I though he would maybe do three reps, the bar was bending when he unloaded, but instead proceeds to do jump squats for two minutes. He then leaves just as fast.

Another friend of mine was doing a circuit on the upper floor of the gym and witnessed him as well. Our super-lift-megasquat man would do a ton of biceps curls with the 75lbs Dumbbells and sprint around the track. The entire sprint he was juking around other runners and doing Madden 15 spin moves.

This dude’s pre-workout must consist of cocaine, 5lbs of protein, battery acid, dragon bone, and stardust.

Needless to say I felt inadequate.

7. More Dudes with Boners

There is a woman that goes to my gym that, no word of a lie, is an attention whore. She literally spends what must be 4 hours a day at the gym and she is approximately 33 years old. The only way to describe her would be a cat in heat… EVERY SINGLE DAY. She waits for the free weight section to be packed with guys and makes her way over to the corner (almost dead center of the free-weight area) where the mirrors come together and proceeds to dance very seductively, running her hands all down her body and watching in the mirror for people that are looking at her. No exaggerating. She sits on the hip adduction machine and spreads it right wide open and just flexes her ass (doesn’t actually use the machine simply flexes her ass, releases and repeats). My gym offers classes like zoomba etc and she attends them all however she simply does her seductive dance by herself in the front row periodically smiling and glancing back at people, sometimes I think she is in her own world.

8. Incoming Fire

This happened during deployment. I’m doing some cardio in the gym when the alarms start going off. We’re getting shelled. Everyone hits the deck immediately except for the dude on the bench. The explosions are loud, but this dude’s music was cranked and he was just in the zone. He’s still pushing as the anti-mortar systems are taking out shells overhead. His spotter finally gets his attention and he racks the bar and hits the deck with us. Not even incoming fire messes with chest day.

9. F*k this wall in particular

Late to the party but there was a guy in our gym who stand in the free weights area and start practicing some kind of martial arts, and would then walk over to a wall, stare at it intensely for a little bit, and shout loudly as he karate chopped it. A WALL. Then he would proceed to run across the gym as if he were doing sprints. Repeat the process several times.

He was fairly overweight was always wearing a button down shirt and cargo pants while working out.

10. Bro Til’ I Die

My school had a second campus with a gym that very few people used. People in the neighbourhood are allowed to be members; mostly retirees.

One day a guy in his 80s comes in to get a tour. He looks like he has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel, very fragile. He has an IV bag (or something that looked like one). Over the next 2 weeks I see him on the treadmill with the IV to the side.

2 weeks later I am doing my usual. I notice he is there on the treadmill. I take a break between a set, headphones in. I notice in my peripherals that everyone is moving over to the treadmills..take my headphones off and go to see…The guy is laying on the ground lifeless. Ambulance is called, they take him away. Staff member told me later that he died.

That’s all for today. Hope this helped you get your bro feels going. Got any stories? Share it in the comments!

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