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The 5 Best MCT Coconut Oil Supplements 2019

Whether you’re starting a new diet or just looking for something to give a little boost to your metabolism, MCTs should be among your first considerations.

MCTs are multi-chain triglyceride fats that, because of their unique structure, get absorbed into your body swiftly and improve your overall digestion, but also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce stored body fat, and improve your focus and give you more energy. And the best thing? Coconut oil is about 62-65% MCT oil.

The 5 Best MCT Coconut Oil Supplements:

If you already know all of that and in search of particular products, here is a list of the top 5 MCT coconut oil supplements.

1. Natural Force® MCT Coconut Oil

Natural Force® MCT Coconut OilOur first product for today is the Natural Force MCT coconut oil. This certified non-GMO, fully vegan and fully paleo supplement is one of the best on the market because of its affordability, and because of the transparency of the product’s ingredients and creation process.

Natural Force is an excellent supplement because not only is it stocked with a wide array of MCTs and lauric acid, but because it is odorless and flavorless, which makes the product perfect for mixing into shakes, coffee or for use in cooking. The coconut oil is guaranteed to be organic, and the product is also guaranteed to be completely devoid of Palm oil.

2. Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilAt number two we find Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. As the name says, this is virgin oil, which means it’s unrefined. Not being refined, the products is clear of all harmful chemicals that might be found after the process of refining and retains the ingredients within in their purest, most potent form.

Viva is also cold pressed and has a melting point at 76F, and you may choose for it to be shipped in solid or liquid form. There is no difference in the product being consumed in a solid or liquid state. The product is fully vegan and non-GMO and does not contain gluten.

3. Vimerson Health Coconut Oil Extra Virgin

Vimerson Health Coconut Oil Extra VirginHalfway through our list is the Vimerson Health Coconut Oil. This too is an extra virgin type of product, meaning, again, that its ingredients are completely untouched and in their most potent forms.

Vimerson has been made as a dietary supplement, and, because it has no smell and is not flavored, will perfectly blend with whatever you’re drinking or cooking. The product is not only intended for purposes of losing weight, but it also has a beneficial effect on your skin, nails, and hair.

4. Schwartz Bioresearch Organic Coconut Oil 2000mg

Schwartz Bioresearch Organic Coconut Oil 2000mgWhat better guarantee would you like than for a product to be formulated by doctors and for it to be on your own turf? That’s exactly what kind of guarantee you get with Schwartz Bioresearch’s Organic Coconut oil.

This excellent supplement is, again, 100% virgin and cold pressed. It is rich in MCTs which, as we’ve already established, are extremely beneficial to your metabolism, but focus, skin and energy levels too, thus taking care of your body on all fronts. Needless to say, the product is 100% vegan, non-GMO, nor it contains soy or gluten.

5. Sports Research Organic Coconut Oil 1000mg

Sports Research Organic Coconut Oil 1000mgLast but not least is the Sports Research’s Organic Coconut Oil. This supplement is richly saturated with MCTs which, as we’ve already established, have a superb effect on your body, or, more accurately, your metabolism, skin and focus too.

The product is made without any additives and preservatives, contains no Titanium Oxide, colorings, and flavors, or soy. It is GMO and gluten-free and made with completely organic, cold-pressed coconuts. The product is extra virgin.


And there you have it, the top five MCT-rich coconut oil supplements. All of them are completely vegan and non-GMO, so, if you have dietary restrictions, you won’t have to worry about breaking them. MCT is extremely useful even when you’re not on a diet, and it is advised you take it daily with your regular drinks and food.

All in all, if you were indeterminate about what product should you pick up, here is a list of five awesome ones that are guaranteed to bring about a change in you that you’re looking for.

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