Muscle Clean – What You Need to Know

If it seems to you that there is a never-ending supply of versions of the clean, then you’re not alone. Today we focus on the muscle clean, which is an accessory training move that will help you to be more technically proficient on all of the other versions.  What is the Muscle Clean? The muscle clean … Read more

Squat Clean – What You Need to Know

Two of the most effective weightlifting moves that you can ever perform are the squat and the clean and jerk. They are also two of the oldest exercises that we have. When you combine these two foundational moves, you get the squat clean. It is a fantastic exercise for anyone who wants to build their strength, explosive power, … Read more

Push Press – What You Need to Know

The push press is a compound exercise that develops strength, explosive power, and muscle mass primarily through the upper body. This is a foundational move for many strength athletes as well as powerlifters and bodybuilders. It is a fantastic movement to strengthen and stabilize the core while pushing maximum weight overhead. What is the Push … Read more

Overhead Squat – What You Need to Know

The overhead squat is a weight lifting full squat exercise. used by everyone from Crossfitters to those exercising for Olympic lifts. It works on body strength and stability. This is a squat variation, as you hold a heavy load above your head while you squat. The implements could be barbells and plates, or dumbbells and kettlebells. Using such … Read more