5 Things You Will Only Learn at Crunch Fitness

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Crunch Fitness is a chain of over 265 franchised fitness clubs spread all around the United States, Canada and, following a recent expansion, Australia. Founded in 1989 by Doug Levine, who previously worked as a stockbroker, the clubs quickly became popular with young and middle-aged proffesionals.

What makes the Crunch Fitness chain of gyms stand out from the other is the novel way the company approached the whole gym culture. The establishments are sleek and modern, and the managers strive to create a unique and fun atmosphere for gym-goers for which fitness means a little more than just grinding day after day. Here are five things you will only learn at CrunchFitness.

1. A Gym Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

The thing that prevents most people from going to the gym is the erroneous notion that it costs a lot of money. While some gyms do occasionally jack up the prices for various reasons (keeping up with the condition, recovering money invested in new equipment, renovations) Crunch Fitness has a very fair business model that caters to all demographics, whether you are a young professional who is looking for a way to blow off some steam after a long day at the office, or a senior who wants to get back in shape.

They have training equipment available for every type of exercise you can think of, including dumbbells, treadmills, vertical climbers, power towers and more.

Plus, there are a lot of Crunch Fitness deals and discounts that everybody can take advantage of, especially those who are on a tight budget. Here is how their pricing plan looks:

  • A basic, a single gym membership fee requires $10 upfront as an initiation fee, after which clients have to pay $10 monthly, which equates to about $120 yearly. For studio classes and multi-gym access, clients have to pay $19,95 per month, with no initiation fee required.
  • Crunch fitness is already quite affordable, so they do not usually offer deals that lower the cost of a basic subscription. However, they do offer occasional deals for higher membership tiers in the form of coupons or other promotional materials. With them, you can save up to $150.

2. All People are Welcome to the Gym, Regardless of Age and Shape

Another aspect that keeps people away from the gyms is the misconception that gyms are reserved only to a certain archetype of people. But this could not be farther from the truth. The one thing you have to remember is that fitness establishments do not make any money if all people adopt this mentality, so you should not be concerned about not fitting in with the gym crowd.

In fact, Crunch Fitness’s company policy is to encourage as many people as possible from a diverse array of background to start hitting the gym. Their business model stands as living proof of this. Remember the initiation fee we mentioned above? Depending on the location, the staff may be allowed to waive the initiation fee. In some cases, you might get some Peak membership (one of their higher tier subscription plans) benefits while paying for a basic membership.

Students, too, have special discounts. Although things have changed throughout the years, Crunch started out as an establishment catered towards students and young professionals, so it is no wonder why they have a special set of discounts to draw in these two demographics. As long as they show a student ID, college people can get a peak membership for $179 per year.

3. Crunch Fitness Teaches People to Value Patience and Dedication

Success at the gym is a frustratingly gradual and sometimes highly variable process. We say ‘’frustrating’’ because, sadly, the body does not change overnight. More often than not, the changes will creep up on you – you will suddenly notice one morning that an old shirt fits better, or that you are not breathing as heavily after walking up a set of stairs.

But it takes patience and perseverance to get there, as the change comes little by little. At Crunch Fitness you will learn to appreciate the little changes, and how to persevere in order to continue the trend.

4. The Value of Community and Support

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you have invested in maintaining a regular routine, you just do not feel like going. Crunch Fitness, through their novel way of approaching the fitness culture, have created a medium where people accomplish their goals by collaborating and supporting each other through the grind.

There are days during which you would rather watch Seinfeld reruns and enjoy a glass of wine. That is totally fine, as long as it does not become a habit. This is where Crunch’s fitness culture stands out, because members encourage each other to give 110 % and support each other through hard times, when the muscle sores kick-in and the prospect of going to the gym seems as grueling as doing hard labor.

5. There are no Failures, Only Valuable Lessons

Fitness is, at its core, a trial and error sort of activity – you see what works for you, and if you are having trouble, you move on to the next thing. When you ‘’fail’’ while working out (like messing your last rep), it is not really a failure. In fact, it is an event worth celebrating because you pushed yourself beyond your limits, and the next time you will do better. Resilience is key – without it, you are just a guy in shorts.

This concludes our article about the lessons you can learn only by attending Crunch Fitness. The company has strived to create a wholesome and supportive medium in which people can accomplish their fitness goals with ease. Going to the gym is an experience in and of itself – but there are few places besides Crunch fitness where you will learn something beyond the realms of fitness.

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Note: This is not an ad for Crunch – this author just happens to like Crunch.

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