The 5 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids 2020

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Over the years, the world has seen a significant increase in the number of cases of obesity in kids. This equates to a significant increase in the number of lifestyle-related diseases in children. This is nothing short of a crisis since the success of the future generation is greatly dependent on the health of the youths.

This calls for urgent action if we are to avoid the certain catastrophe that is likely to become a reality. One way to start is by getting our children on the move, through exercise. Fitness trackers are a fun a motivational way to do this.

The 5 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids:

Here’s a look at 5 of the best fitness trackers for kids that are available for sale online. These trackers made the list for varying reasons which include durability, efficiency, versatility, and affordability. Feel free to choose from among them to get your kids motivated to begin living a more active lifestyle.

1. Garmin Vivofit JR. Kids Fitness Tracker

Garmin Vivofit JR. Kids Fitness Tracker

Though a bit pricier than most fitness trackers for kids, this beauty is worth every penny. Here are some of its specifications that will absolutely work in your favor:

  • This kid-friendly band is ideal for kids 4- 9 years old, with specifications that consider their characteristics at this age.
  • This product comes with a guarantee of one full year battery life. You simply do not have to charge for an entire year. It, therefore, means that there is no need to worry about batteries running out for one year. No worries that it will lose power when you are not around. One worry-free year.
  • It offers 24/7 wear-ability which includes 5 ATM water resistance. This means that your child will not have to take the tracker off to bathe or to go swimming since its efficiency will not be compromised if exposed to water. This greatly reduces the likelihood of your child losing the tracker.
  • It is easy to put on. All you have to do is slip it on and it remains in place; absolutely no hassle.
  • One size fits most kids, which means that you can buy multiple for your kids around the same age.
  • It fits comfortably. It comprises of a single band that stretches over the child’s had. No added complication that can cause bruising.
  • The sizes that are available are Regular, X-large, and Vivofit. The regular is perfect for wrists up to 145 mm and the X-large fits wrists 146-170mm comfortably.
  • There is also a parent mobile app that is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 and above, and iPhone OS version 9.1 and above.
  • Apart from tracking your kids’ movements, as a bonus, this tracker can be used by your kids to play fun educational games and you can use it to manage your kids’ activities.

2. YOUNGFUN Kids Fitness Tracker

YOUNGFUN Kids Fitness Tracker

This bad boy is one of the coolest fitness trackers for kids that have ever hit the market. It has certainly taken fitness tracking to a whole new level. Here are some of the specifications that make this tracker one of a kind:

  • It is a modern touch screen gadget that displays the time, walking steps and distance, battery life, calories burnt, and heart rate.
  • It tracks your kids’ activity in a comprehensive way by giving you not only a daily summary of their activities but also a weekly, monthly, and yearly one. This makes it far easier to monitor your child at different levels.
  • For your older kids, this baby is far more than a tracker. When synchronized with your phones, you will be able to see calls, SMS, emails, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media notifications. It, therefore, means that there is no excuse for missing your calls or messages since the tracker will be on their hands.
  • Some other added features include a sleep monitor and an alarm clock.
  • It is easy to use and understand with advanced green light sensors that monitor heart rate during exercise and let you know your fat-burning progress.
  • This tracker is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above and IOS 7.0 and above.
  • With your purchase, you will receive a Longess fitness tracker x1, cable with clamp x1, English manual x1, and Longess welcome guide x1.
  • The tracker also comes with an 18-month warranty and customer service as needed.

3. LeapFrog LeapBand Kids Fitness Tracker

LeapFrog LeapBand Kids Fitness Tracker

It is common knowledge that children like to play. Taking this fact into consideration, LeapFrogLeapBand has turned exercise and other healthy choices into an adventure. Here are some of its appealing features:

  • This low-cost tracker is appropriate for children ages 4-7 years and is presently available in pink, green, and blue.
  • The slogan ‘Fit made Fun’ encompasses what this tracker is all about. It is the first kids’ tracker of its kind. That promotes active play, healthy food choices, and wise decision making into fun.
  • It preloaded with 50 activities challenges that promise to get your kids excited about being fit.
  • This fitness tracker is more than just a counter of steps; instead, it provides a variety of fun activities that are coupled with rewards to motivate your kids to live healthier lives.
  • Parents can connect with their children’s tracker to closely monitor all activities and the amount of time spent on each.

4. Pard Kids Fitness Tracker

Pard Kids Fitness Tracker

This stylish Fitness Tracker by Pard is not only durable but also versatile and efficient. Here are some of the features that make it one of the most ideal fitness trackers for kids:

  • Its sealed waterproof exterior makes it suitable for every activity such as swimming and showering. It is built with special recognition sensors that record movement throughout the swimming process. It also detects swimming posture, keeps a record of swimming time, note paddling times and measures calories burned.
  • It is an easy to use touch screen design that allows kids to make full use without much effort. With a simple touch of the screen, you can switch back and forth to view time, data, and any other notifications.
  • This fully loaded gadget is equipped with a smart reminder that allows you to access all forms of messaging and the vibrating features easily alert you when something needs your attention. It also records the telephone number of calls placed to you.
  • This versatile tracker all features a life tracker, heart rate monitor, and pedometer. It also displays time, count calories burnt and steps are taken, and monitors sleep.
  • It is can be paired with your devices for better monitoring of your kids. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 and higher, IOS8.0 and higher. For Samsung, Apple, iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5 and so on. App Name: HPLUS WATCH.

5. Geopalz Kids Fitness Tracker

Geopalz Kids Fitness Tracker

The kid-friendly affordable fitness tracker is available in a variety of eye-catching colors and shapes which your kids will absolutely adore. Here’s a look at some of the amazing specifications that make this Tri-Axis Motivational Pedometer irresistible to kids.

  • GeoPalz promises that this Tri-Axis Accelerometer Pedometer for kids is guaranteed to be 99% accurate with very little room for error. This means that you are almost sure to get a true record of your kids’ activities every time.
  • With each purchase of each GeoPal, you are also entitled to a unique code that allows you to register on the GeoPlaz website to keep track of activities and win awesome free prizes.
  • All activity is stored in the device for 21 days.
  • It is designed to recognize and note any vigorous physical activity and reward them.
  • Even if your kid doesn’t like to wear stuff around the hand, the device comes with an easy clip attachment that allows you to clip the device on the shoes or on the hip.
  • This device is also water resistant which means that it can be used in the shower or to go swimming.


With all the passive recreational activities that technology has introduced to our kids, it can be rather difficult to get them to be more active. Fitness trackers for kids do a great job at motivation by allowing your kids to set challenging goals, giving them feedback on their progress and offering rewards when they are deserving of them. Acquiring a fitness tracker for your kid will be one of the most sensible investments you have ever made.

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