Ripped Old Guy

Our 10 Favorite Gym Bros

Ripped Old GuyEvery gym has a few bros you don’t like and almost every bro website has done a post describing each one of these bros. So to flip the script we set out to ask bros from around the world to tell us about their favorite gym bros, you know, they’re quirks; what makes them special.

Being the smart bros that we are we did some research first at Reddit’s bro central; r/Fitness. We quickly found the post we were looking for, so instead of doing any actual interview work and messing with our gain time we’re dumbing down their awesome man-feels discussion to this top 10 favorite gym good guys list:

1. Friendly silent guy

Guy that doesn’t initiate conversation with me but nods/says hi, that’s a bro.

2. The silent guardian

Keeps an eye on you when you’re pushing out that last bench rep sans spotter.

3. The nod guy

Conversation over

4. The what’s up man guy

Conversation over

5. Ripped old guy

Usually 60s’. Ripped to shreds, always wears a wife beater. Strong as fuck and friendly, is always in the gym when you’re there most likely doing leg press.

6. The guy who lifts just slightly more than you on just about everything.

7. Business suit dead-lift guy

He’d come in and do dead-lifts in full business attire, finish his 3 sets and leave. Never spoke to anyone, and I never saw him do any other lifts.

8. Cardiobot

This person is running on the treadmill long before you get to the gym, and is still running when you are leaving two hours later. It does not stop, it does not slow down, it does not tire. Cardio. Robot.

9. The shy mirror checker

Eyes darting around like a jewel thief to make sure no one’s looking, then scopes his pump in the mirror. Can’t let anyone think he’s a bro. (Mutual bro respect)

10. Cigarette after cardio guy

He’s the guy killing it on the treadmill next to you, then when you walk outside he’s standing there enjoying a smoke. A running contradiction, if you will.


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