Old School Labs Vintage Blast Pre Workout Review

Are you interested in using the Vintage Blast pre workout supplement? If so, you’ll want to check out our review to get a better idea of what it has to offer. It’s made by Old School Labs which is a brand that’s known for taking a more classic approach to working out.

To discover whether this is the right pre workout for you, take a look below.


Vintage Blast Ingredients

For a pre workout, Vintage Blast actually has a smaller amount of caffeine than we were expecting. There is some caffeine, but it’s a lot less than what most of the popular pre workouts nowadays have. We liked how this pre workout works on a 2-stage basis. You receive the benefits of caffeine for the first half of the workout, as well as the second half.

The caffeine is effective at helping to prevent you from feeling fatigued too early on. We also liked how this pre workout doesn’t include too many ingredients that could make you depend on it too much. Instead, it’s main ingredients are there to boost your focus, pump, and minimize lactic acid to help you workout to your potential.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Vintage Blast Workout Guide

One of the main aspects that people consider before purchasing a pre workout is how easy it is to use. We were pleased to find that this pre workout is simple to use. All you need to do is put half a scoop of the powder into 14-16oz. of water around 30 minutes before working out.

That’s the best way to begin taking the pre workout. You can then make adjustments once you have a better idea of how your body reacts to the supplement.

Many people end up using 1-1 ⅕ scoops 30 minutes before working out. People who are more experienced with working out often take 2 scoops, however, this isn’t recommended for everyeone.


Another one of the big factors that people consider when selecting a pre workout is how it tastes. So, how does Vintage Blast hold up in this category?

Many users have mentioned how there is a slight sourness when drinking the preworkout. While some people find this provided them with an added quick, others arent too fond of it. The pre workout is also only available in a blueberry lemonade flavor.

2-Stage Energy

We were impressed to discover that the Vintage Blast pre workout supplements include a 2-stage solution to working out. It works by providing you with the energy benefits of the supplement for the first half of your workout while leaving the rest to help you out for the second half of your workout.

Many people find that their pre workouts give them tons of energy for the first half, but they often crash towards the end.

With Vintage Blast, you’re able to have more consistent energy across longer workouts.

Comparisons to Other Pre-Workouts

There are tons of pre workout supplements available nowadays. Vintage Blast is often compared to other pre workouts that included different kinds of ingredients.

For example, Legion Pulse contains an amino acid, known as ornithine, that Vintage Blast is lacking. Some people find that ornithine, and other ingredients such as BCAA’s, give them the extra edge while working out.

Having said that, Vintage Blast’s 2-stage energy feature is something that’s difficult to compare with other pre workouts as it’s so unique. It also provides your body with electrolytes while you workout, which is an effective way to keep yourself properly hydrated.


When it comes to pre workouts, there are many people who love to feel the tingling sensation that’s offered by many pre workouts. They find that it can help them get more energized while working out.

This is because of the ingredient called beta alanine. However. Vintage Blast doesn’t include this ingredient. Therefore, if you were looking to feel the tingles to give you a boost while working out, this pre workout may disappoint you.

Furthermore, the flavor is an aspect that some users don’t find to be pleasant. This is because it has quite a sour taste. Some people have mentioned how they like this taste, but it may not be for everyone.

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That wraps up our review on the Vintage Blast pre workout. Hopefully, we’re provided you with all the information that you need to decide whether this is a pre workout supplement that’s worth trying.

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